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Lustre Vs Metallic Photo Paper (Which Offers the Best)

Lustre and Metallic are two types of prints used in photography. Lustre prints have a slightly matte surface with a subtle texture, while Metallic prints have a glossy surface with a Metallic finish, giving the colors a more vibrant look.

Photography is an art form that captures moments and memories that last a lifetime. One important aspect of photography is the type of print used for the final outcome.

Lustre and Metallic prints are two popular options that photographers use to showcase their work.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an avid hobbyist, understanding the difference between these two types of prints can help bring your photographs to life.

Lustre and Metallic photo papers are two of the most famous photo paper on the market. Both are ideal for different types of photography and have amazing benefits.

So, which one are you gonna pick between Lustre Vs Metallic Photo Paper?

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between Lustre and Metallic photo paper to help you decide. Let’s start:

Lustre Vs Metallic Photo Paper: Photo Finishes

Lustre finishes and Metallic finishes are two popular options when it comes to adding shimmer to your walls. While both offer a certain level of shine, they have distinct differences that might make one more suitable for your needs than the other.

Lustre Finishes

Lustre finishes are a great choice if you’re looking for a subtle shine to your walls.

  • Subtle shine: Lustre finishes have a subtle shine that reflects light without being too bold. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a more understated look.
  • Smooth finish: Lustre finishes have a smooth finish that makes the walls visually appealing. It hides minor imperfections and makes the wall look flawless.
  • Wide range of colors: Lustre finishes are available in a wide range of colors, making it a great option if you’re looking for something specific.
  • Maintains original appearance: Lustre finishes are known to maintain their original appearance for a longer period of time. This means you won’t have to worry about the color of your walls fading over time.

Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes are known for their vibrant shine and glossy finish.

  • Vibrant shine: Metallic finishes have a more vibrant shine that catches the light and creates a dramatic impact. If you want your walls to stand out, then Metallic finishes could be the perfect choice.
  • Reflective finish: Metallic finishes offer a reflective finish that can increase the perceived size of a room visually. It bounces light off walls creating an illusion of an open space.
  • Limited color options: Metallic finishes are available in limited colors. This could be a drawback if you’re looking for something specific.
  • Can alter original appearance: While Metallic finishes are visually appealing, they can alter the original appearance of the wall, making it harder to repaint in the future if you want a different look.

Both Lustre and Metallic finishes have their own unique characteristics that make them appealing choices for different reasons. Ultimately, the choice depends on your desired look and the specific needs of your space.

Lustre Vs Metallic Phot Paper: Pros & Cons

When it comes to car finishes, Lustre and Metallic are two popular options. Both finishes have pros and cons, and it’s essential to review them before making a decision.

Let’s compare Lustre and Metallic finishes and identify the pros and cons for each type.

Lustre Finishes


  • Natural appearance: Lustre finishes have a natural, smooth appearance that adds to the car’s overall look.
  • Suitable for various surfaces: This type of finish is suitable for different car surfaces, including sporty and luxurious cars. It can provide an elegant yet understated look to any vehicle.
  • Conceals small imperfections: Lustre finishes can conceal small car imperfections, such as scratches or swirl marks, by reflecting light off the surface and creating a uniform look.


  • Less attention-grabbing: Compared to Metallic finishes, Lustre finishes are less eye-catching. They may not be suitable if you want a unique look for your car.
  • Vulnerable to scratches: Lustre finishes are prone to scratches and may require more maintenance to keep them looking good.

Metallic Finishes


  • Eye-catching appearance: Metallic finishes offer a unique look, thanks to their glittery appearance that sparkles in the sunlight and adds depth.
  • Durable & resistant to wear & tear: Metallic finishes are more durable and resistant to wear and tear than Lustre finishes. Plus, they’re easier to maintain.
  • Exhibits vehicle features: Metallic finishes highlight the car’s features by reflecting light off the surface and creating shadow effects.


  • Limited availability in colors: Metallic finishes are available in a limited range of colors. If you want to go for a more unconventional color, you may have to choose other finish types.
  • More expensive: Metallic finishes are more expensive than Lustre finishes, making them less affordable for those on a budget.

Lustre and Metallic finishes have their own set of pros and cons. Consider your budget, your desired look, and the level of maintenance you’re willing to do before selecting the finish best suited for your car.

Lustre Vs Metallic: Suitability

To enhance the visual appeal of surfaces and objects, two of the most popular finishes are Lustre and Metallic. Lustre refers to a smooth and glossy finish that does not contain Metallic elements.

On the other hand, a Metallic finish is a special type of finish that has Metallic elements and creates a Metallic look.

Lustre Finishes

Lustre finishes are great for surfaces or objects that require a glossy but non-shiny look.

  • Printed photographs
  • Watercolour paintings
  • Landscapes or nature photography
  • Portraits

Metallic Finishes

If you are looking for a shiny and sparkly finish, Metallic finishes are perfect.

  • Products packaging
  • Logos or brand marks
  • Jewellery or accessory designs
  • Car bodywork

Suitability Of Lustre & Metallic Finishes

Choosing the right finish is all about understanding the look you want to achieve and the application you need it for.

  • For event photography, a Lustre finish is preferred due to its ability to minimize glare
  • A Metallic finish suits a design that requires a modern and sharp look.
  • If you need to add some depth to your artwork, a Lustre finish is the best option. Whereas Metallic finishes stand out for their reflective properties.

Choosing the right finish for your project will help you create a visually appealing result. While Lustre finishes offer a smooth and glossy look, Metallic finishes provide a shiny and sparkly effect.

Which one to choose depends on the application and the desired look.

Consider When Choosing Between Lustre Vs Metallic Finishes

When selecting between Lustre and Metallic finishes, it is essential to consider the impact on the original appearance of the surface.

  • Lustre finishes are often preferred for maintaining the original texture of the surface. These finishes have a slight shine and can add depth to the colors and textures of the surface. It is perfect for images that require bold colors and high contrast.
  • In contrast, Metallic finishes involve adding a layer of Metallic coating to the surface that can obscure the original look of the image. However, these finishes offer a unique reflective quality that creates a more eye-catching appearance. Metallic finishes are perfect for images that require a more modern and futuristic look.

Intended Use

Consider how the photo will be used when selecting the finish.

  • Lustre finishes are an excellent choice for images that will be regularly handled, such as portraits, as they are fingerprint and scratch-resistant.
  • Metallic finishes can add an extra pop to images that will be displayed in a high-end space like an art gallery or museum as they reflect light in a unique way and create a three-dimensional effect.

Desired Level Of Shine

  • Lustre finishes offer a subtle shine that is similar to matte and is perfect for photos that require a bit of depth without being too reflective.
  • On the other hand, Metallic finishes have a more noticeable shine, perfect for photos that need to be eye-catching and have the “wow” factor.

Personal Style And Preferences

Personal style and preferences are essential as they affect how an individual perceives their image’s final look.

  • Lustre finishes are perfect for people who prefer a more classic and traditional look.
  • Metallic finishes are ideal for individuals who prefer a modern and fashionable aesthetic.


  • Lustre finishes are usually less expensive than Metallic finishes.
  • Metallic finishes require a more intricate process to create, which makes them more costly than Lustre finishes.

Maintenance Required

  • Lustre finishes are often chosen for their durability and resistance to fingerprints, dust, and scratches. They are also easy to clean with a microfiber cloth.
  • Metallic finishes require more maintenance than Lustre finishes, as their reflective properties tend to highlight fingerprints, scratches, and other blemishes. Regular cleaning is required to maintain their shiny appearance.

With these factors in mind, you can choose between Lustre and Metallic finishes that best suit your needs to showcase your photos in the best possible light.

FAQs About Lustre Vs Metallic Finish

What Is Lustre Finish?

Lustre finish is a semi-gloss finish that offers the perfect balance between matte and glossy. It is resistant to fingerprints and smudges and adds more depth to your images.

What Is Metallic Finish?

The Metallic finish is a high-gloss finish that adds a Metallic effect to your images. It has a unique look that gives your images a 3d-like feel with a Metallic sheen that pops.

Which Is Best For Portraits?

A Lustre finish is perfect for portraits as it brings out skin tones and has a softness that flatters the subject. The Metallic finish is not recommended for portraits as it has a reflective surface that can be distracting.

Which Is Best For Landscape Photos?

A Metallic finish works well for landscape photos as it enhances the colors, contrast, and details. It also makes nature’s elements like water or sky look more vibrant bringing out the true beauty.

Which Finish Is Best For Black And White Photos?

Lustre finish is the better choice for black and white photos as it has a smooth and matte finish that doesn’t take away from the classic look of black and white photography.

Which Finish Is More Durable?

The Lustre finish is more durable due to its semi-gloss finish that resists smudges and fingerprints. Metallic finish, on the other hand, can be easily scratched and fingerprints can be more visible.

In Conclusion

As a photographer, it is essential to know the differences between Lustre and Metallic finishes. Lustre finishes offer a subtle hint of sheen to the printed surface, giving images a hint of glow without being too overwhelming.

On the other hand, Metallic finishes are known for their sparkle and shine, and they create a highly reflective surface that adds depth and dimension to your designs. Ultimately, choosing between Lustre and Metallic finishes depends on the type of image you want to print.

If you prefer a more subtle, elegant image, Lustre would be ideal, whereas, if you desire a more glamorous, eye-catching print, then a Metallic finish is your best bet.

In either case, what matters most is setting your goals and expectations for the finished print and choosing a finish that accomplishes them. So, next time you’re choosing a print finish, keep these differences in mind and let your creativity shine!

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