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Nikon D3200 Vs D3300: A Battle of the Best

The Nikon d3300 is an updated version of the d3200 with added features. Both cameras use the same sensor and image processor.

The Nikon d3200 and d3300 are two entry-level DSLR cameras designed for emerging photographers and hobbyists. They share many similar features, such as the same sensor and image processor, but the d3300 comes with some updated features.

We will look at the differences between the Nikon D3200 vs D3300 and see which of these two cameras is the best option based on their specifications and capabilities. We will discuss each camera’s features, including its sensors, image processors, autofocus systems, LCD screens, and battery life.

Additionally, we will consider the design, dimensions, and overall user-friendliness of each camera.

Nikon D3200 vs D3300: The Specifications

When it comes to sensors, the Nikon d3200 and d3300 share similar specifications. They both have a dx-format CMOS sensor with a resolution of 24. 2 megapixels, which is capable of producing high-quality images.

However, the d3300 has an updated sensor which increases its iso range and image processing capabilities.

Comparison Of Iso Range And Image Processing

The d3300 comes with an updated expected 4 image-processing engine, which enhances the camera’s iso range and image quality. The camera can shoot at an iso speed of up to 12800 and can be extended up to 25600.

This is a significant improvement over the d3200, which has an iso range of just 100-6400 (which can be extended to 12800).

Autofocus System And Shutter Speed Comparison

The Nikon d3300 comes with more advanced autofocus capabilities than the d3200, which makes it a better choice for capturing moving objects. The d3300 has an 11-point autofocus system, while the d3200 comes with a 9-point autofocus system.

Additionally, the d3300 has a faster maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 sec, compared to the 1/4000 sec maximum shutter speed of the d3200. While the Nikon d3200 and d3300 have similar features, the d3300 comes with a more advanced image processing engine, higher iso range, more advanced autofocus capabilities, and a faster maximum shutter speed.

These make the d3300 a better choice for those looking for a more capable camera.

Nikon D3200 vs D3300: Design And Build Quality

Nikon is a household name in the world of photography. The brand has taken over the camera market with its innovative and user-friendly equipment.

Two of the most popular cameras from Nikon are the d3200 and d3300. Both cameras are known for their exceptional image quality, accessibility, and durability. We will compare Nikon D3200 vs D3300. For this section, we will concentrate on the design and build quality.

Comparison Of The Body Dimension And Weight

The design of the camera body matters a lot when it comes to portability and handling. Here are some of the key differences between the Nikon d3200 and d3300 in terms of design and weight.

  • Nikon d3200 weighs 505 grams, whereas the d3300 weighs 430 grams. This means the d3300 is 75 grams lighter than its counterpart.
  • The dimension of the d3200 is 125 × 96 × 76.5 mm, while the d3300 is 124 × 98 × 76 mm. The difference in dimension is not significant – the d3300 is only 1mm longer than the d3200.

Material Quality And Durability

The build quality of the camera plays a vital role in its reliability and durability. It determines whether the camera can bear rough handling or not.

Here are some of the key points to consider when comparing Nikon d3200 and d3300.

  • Both cameras feature high-quality polycarbonate material that makes them robust and long-lasting.
  • The d3300 comes with carbon fiber reinforcement on the front plate, which improves its durability and impact resistance.
  • The d3300 has a magnesium alloy strip along the top plate, which makes it a sturdy and solid camera.

Ergonomics And Handling

The ergonomics and handling of the camera affect its usability. It determines whether the camera can be operated comfortably or not.

Here are some of the key points to keep in mind while comparing Nikon d3200 and d3300.

  • Nikon d3300 features a deeper grip that gives a more comfortable and secure hold. It provides an excellent balance between the body and the lens.
  • The d3300 features an improved button layout and is easier to operate than its predecessor.
  • The d3300 has a redesigned shutter release button that reduces the chances of camera shake.

Overall, Nikon has made some minor improvements to the d3300 over the d3200 in terms of design and build quality. The d3300 features a lighter body, carbon fiber reinforcement, magnesium alloy strip, and improved ergonomics that make it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals.

Nikon D3200 vs D3300: Performance Comparison

If you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level DSLR camera that will deliver excellent output, the Nikon d3200 and d3300 are good options to consider. Before you make a purchase, it is essential to compare both cameras’ performance, focusing on image quality and sharpness, low light performance, and burst mode.

Image Quality And Sharpness

The d3200 and d3300 both come with a 24. 2-megapixel resolution, delivering high-quality images with excellent clarity.

  • Both cameras produce sharp images with excellent detail.
  • The d3200’s image quality and sharpness are good. But, with the d3300’s improved image processing engine, it is slightly better.

Low Light Performance Comparison

Low light performance is essential when considering a camera, especially if you plan to shoot indoors or at night.

  • The d3200 has a standard iso range of 100 to 6400, expandable up to 12800. The photos taken in low-light settings with the iso set to 3200 are decent, with no visible noise.
  • The d3300 has an expanded iso range, up to 25600. It provides better performance compared to the d3200. The images produced with the d3300 in low-light settings are better, with significantly less noise.

Burst Mode And Continuous Shooting Speed

The ability to take multiple shots in a short time is critical, especially for fast-moving objects or when capturing action shots.

  • The d3200 can shoot at 4fps in continuous mode.
  • The d3300 can shoot faster, at 5fps.

Both cameras’ burst modes are almost the same, but the d3300’s slightly faster shooting speed can make a difference when capturing fast action.

The Nikon d3300 performs better than the d3200 in most areas, making it a better choice overall. However, if you are on a tight budget, the d3200 is still an excellent entry-level camera that delivers quality images.

Features Comparison Of Both Models

When comparing the Nikon d3200 and d3300, it’s important to evaluate their features side-by-side. This section will examine three critical aspects: video quality and recording features, LCD screen resolution and display quality, and built-in Wi-Fi and connectivity features.

Video Quality And Recording Features

The following points highlight the difference in video quality and recording features between the Nikon d3200 and d3300:

  • Resolution: The Nikon d3200 supports full hd 1080p video recording, whereas the d3300 shoots 1080p videos at 60 frames per second. This higher frame rate is beneficial for recording fast-moving subjects, creating smoother video footage with more details.
  • Audio recording: Both models feature built-in stereo microphones, but the Nikon d3300 has a jack for an external microphone, which is not present in the d3200. This feature is helpful for those looking to improve their audio quality or need to film in noisy environments.
  • Recording time: The Nikon d3200 has a maximum video recording time of 20 minutes per clip, while the d3300 takes a significant leap with the maximum recording time extended to 30 minutes. This extended recording limit can come in handy for vloggers, filmmakers, and video enthusiasts.

The Lcd Screen Resolution And Display Quality

The LCD screen of a camera plays a crucial role in framing the shot and reviewing the images and videos. Here’s how the Nikon d3200 and d3300 compare in terms of LCD screen resolution and display quality:

  • Resolution and size: The Nikon d3300 supersedes the d3200 as it features a slightly higher resolution 3″ 921k-dot LCD screen. This high-resolution screen provides a more accurate representation of your shots and enables you to check for sharpness, focus, and lighting before pressing the shutter button.
  • Anti-reflective coating: The Nikon d3300 comes with a new anti-reflective coating on its LCD screen, providing improved viewing quality, even under bright sunlight.

Built-In Wi-Fi And Connectivity Features Comparison

Next, let’s compare the Wi-Fi and connectivity features of both cameras:

  • Wi-fi: The Nikon d3300 has a built-in Wi-Fi feature, which the d3200 lacks. This Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to share pictures and videos wirelessly from the camera to compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Gps: Only the Nikon d3300 features integrated GPS, allowing you to geotag your photo and video capture, which is especially useful for travelers. This feature is unavailable in the d3200.

Both cameras have their strengths and weaknesses. While the Nikon d3200 is affordable and suitable for novice photographers, the Nikon d3300 provides higher-resolution video, extended recording time, better LCD screen resolution, anti-reflective coating, built-in Wi-Fi, and GPS. The Nikon d3300 is an excellent option for intermediate photographers looking for a durable camera with better features, which can appeal to a more professional audience.


What Is The Main Difference Between Nikon D3200 And D3300?

The main difference is the d3300 has a higher resolution sensor, faster continuous shooting, and better battery life. It also has a higher iso range, improved video mode, and is lighter weight than d3200.

Which One Is Better, Nikon D3200 vs D3300?

The Nikon d3300 is the better camera, with its higher resolution, faster continuous shooting, and better battery life. It also has a higher iso range, improved video mode, and is lighter weight than d3200.

Is It Worth Upgrading My D3200 To D3300?

It depends on your photography needs and budget. If you are looking for better photo and video quality, faster shooting, improved battery life, and a higher iso range, it may be worth upgrading to d3300.

Can I Use My Old Lenses With D3300?

You can use any Nikon f-mount lens with the d3300, including older lenses that lack autofocus or exposure control. However, some older lenses may not be fully compatible with all features of the camera.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Upgrading From D3200 To D3300?

The only real disadvantage of upgrading from d3200 to d3300 is the cost. If better photo and video quality, faster shooting, improved battery life, and higher iso range are important to you, the upgrade may be worth the investment.

The Bottom Line

With all things considered, both the Nikon d3200 vs d3300 offer exceptional features and are great options for amateur photographers looking to upgrade their equipment. While the d3300 offers some noticeable improvements such as better image quality, more autofocus points, and longer battery life, the d3200 remains a solid choice for those on a tighter budget.

Ultimately, choosing between the two comes down to personal preference, intended use, and overall budget constraints. Regardless of your pick, both cameras offer reliable performance, ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of lenses.

As always, it’s important to do your research before making a purchase to ensure that your investment is the best fit for your unique needs and goals.

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