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Sony A7 vs A7II: Which Mirrorless Camera Reigns Supreme?

The Sony A7 is the predecessor to the A7 ii, but the advanced features of the latter model make it a better choice for professionals and enthusiasts. The A7 ii offers better image stabilization, faster autofocus, improved ergonomics, and a higher-resolution old viewfinder.

It also includes customizable buttons, wi-fi, and NFC connectivity, and improved battery life. These improvements come at a higher price point, but the advanced features make it worth the investment for those who require high-quality performance.

The Sony A7 and A7II are both excellent full-frame mirrorless cameras, but the A7II stands out with several significant upgrades. In this comparison, we’ll explore the features that distinguish the two models and help you determine which one is best for your needs.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the advanced features that the A7II offers. In this article, we’ll examine the differences between these two cameras so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Sony A7 vs A7II: Specs Comparison

When it comes to photography, Sony is always on the cutting edge. The Sony A7 and A7II are two incredibly powerful full-frame mirrorless cameras that have taken the photography world by storm.

These two cameras are often compared due to their popularity, features, and price range. We will be discussing the specs comparison between the Sony A7 vs A7II.

The specs comparison table below includes key specs such as sensor size, resolution, and autofocus points.

Sensor size: both the Sony A7 and A7II have a full-frame sensor size of 35. 8 x 23. 9mm. However, the A7II has a higher iso range which allows for better low-light photography.

Autofocus: the Sony A7II features hybrid autofocus with 117 phase and 25 contrast detection points, while the Sony A7 only features contrast-detect af with 117 points. This means that the A7II has better autofocus performance, especially in low-light conditions.

Image stabilization: the Sony A7II possesses 5-axis in-body stabilization which helps to produce sharper images and video.

Key Differences Between Sony A7 vs A7II Specs

Sensor size: both cameras feature the same sensor size, but the Sony A7II has a better iso range and produces better low-light images.

Autofocus: the Sony A7II has better autofocus performance due to the hybrid autofocus system with 117 phases and 25 contrast detection points.

Image stabilization: only the Sony A7II features 5-axis in-body stabilization for sharper photos and videos.

While both the Sony A7 and A7II are excellent cameras, the A7II features advancements in autofocus and image stabilization technology. If you’re looking for a camera with better performance and more advanced technology, the Sony A7II may be the better option.

Sony A7 vs A7II: Design And Build Quality

Design and build quality: how do the Sony A7 vs A7II compare?

When it comes to mirrorless cameras, Sony has been known for producing some of the best cameras, and the Sony A7 and A7II are no exceptions. These two cameras have been built with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind, which makes them perfect for photographers looking for a camera that is both stylish and user-friendly.


The Sony A7 and A7II share a similar design, but there are noticeable differences. The A7II is slightly larger, thanks to its improved grip, which makes it easier to hold for extended periods.

On the other hand, the A7 is more compact, making it a more portable option. Additionally, the A7II has a more rounded body, which helps with ergonomics, and the control buttons are better positioned.

Build Quality

Both the A7 and A7II cameras are built with magnesium alloy, making them durable and resistant to wear and tear. The A7II has an added protection feature that makes it more resilient against accidental knocks and drops.

One noticeable difference between the two cameras is the grip; the A7II has a larger and more comfortable grip, which makes holding the camera easier for longer periods. Additionally, the A7II has a more pronounced shutter button that is more responsive than the A7’s.


The Sony A7II has been designed so that it is more ergonomic than its predecessor. The grip has been extended, which makes holding the camera more comfortable, especially for extended periods.

The buttons are also better positioned and more comfortable to use, especially for those with bigger hands. The camera also has a new electronic viewfinder (EVF) that is larger, brighter, and more detailed, making it easier to frame shots and preview the image before shooting.


The usability of a camera is important, and Sony has made sure that both the A7 and A7II are beginner-friendly. The cameras have built-in Wi-Fi that allows users to connect the camera to their smartphones, making it easy to share images on social media.

Both cameras have a tilting lcd screen, which is helpful when shooting awkward angles. The A7II has an improved autofocus system, which has 117 phase-detection points, making it faster and more accurate than the A7.

Both the Sony A7 and A7II are excellent mirrorless cameras with great design and build quality. While the A7II is a more refined version of the A7, both cameras offer excellent features that make them perfect for amateur and professional photographers.

Sony A7 vs A7II: Image Quality

The Sony A7 and A7II are both popular full-frame mirrorless cameras. When it comes to image quality, they produce stunning results with their high-res sensors. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the image quality produced by both cameras.

The Image Quality Produced By Both Cameras

Both cameras offer excellent image quality. The A7II has a 24. 3-megapixel sensor while the A7 has a 24. 7-megapixel sensor. The A7II also has a 5-axis in-body stabilization system that allows you to shoot handheld at slower shutter speeds.

The A7, on the other hand, does not have in-body stabilization.

The Low-Light Performance, Detail, And Color Accuracy

Low-light performance is an essential aspect of image quality, and both the A7 and A7II perform well in low-light situations. The A7II has a better iso range than the A7, which is 100-25,600 compared to the A7’s 100-6,400.

The added in-body stabilization system on the A7II also helps with low-light shooting. Both cameras offer excellent detail in images.

The A7II has a higher resolution display than the A7, making it easier to check the details in your shots. The color accuracy of both cameras is also impressive, making the colors in your images look natural and vibrant.

  • A7 and A7II offer excellent image quality.
  • A7II has a 24.3-megapixel sensor while the A7 has a 24.7-megapixel sensor.
  • A7II has a 5-axis in-body stabilization system, while A7 does not.
  • Both cameras perform well in low-light situations.
  • A7II has a better iso range than the A7.
  • A7II has a higher resolution display than the A7.
  • Both cameras have impressive color accuracy.

Both the Sony A7 and A7II are exceptional cameras when it comes to image quality. The A7II has a few advantages, such as in-body stabilization and a better iso range.

However, the A7 still produces stunning images and maybe a better choice if you’re on a budget. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your needs and preferences as a photographer.

Sony A7 vs A7II: Features And Performance

The Sony A7 and A7II are both excellent full-frame mirrorless cameras that offer incredible image quality and performance. Choosing between the two can be challenging, especially since they have many similar features.

We will discuss the unique features and shooting performance of both cameras to help you determine which one is right for you.

Unique Features Such As Wifi Connectivity And Silent Shooting

Sony A7 and A7II both have features that make them unique and different from each other. Below are the key points that differentiate these two cameras.

  • Sony A7 has wifi connectivity, which means you can easily transfer your pictures to your smartphone or laptop wirelessly.
  • Sony A7II has 5-axis image stabilization that allows you to take pictures with less camera shake, giving you sharper images.
  • Sony A7II has silent shooting, which is incredibly useful when shooting in quiet environments like weddings or wildlife photography.

Comparison Of Shooting Performance, Such As Burst Shooting And Video Capabilities

The shooting performance of a camera is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing a camera. Let’s compare Sony A7 and A7II shooting performance.

  • Sony A7 can shoot up to 5 fps, which is fast enough to capture most moments fairly easily.
  • Sony A7II has a faster burst rate of up to 5 fps in continuous autofocus mode.
  • Sony A7 can shoot videos in full HD resolution, while Sony A7II can shoot in both full HD and 4k resolution.

Overall, both Sony cameras have great performance and unique features. It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing which one is right for you.

Sony A7 vs A7II: Price And Value

When comparing the Sony A7 and A7II, price and value are key considerations. Both cameras have their pros and cons, but deciding which one offers the best value for money depends on how you intend to use the camera.

Price Comparison Of Both Cameras:

  • The Sony A7 was released in 2013 and is the older of the two cameras. Its current retail price is around $800, making it more affordable than the A7II.
  • The Sony A7II, released in 2014, is the more expensive option, with a retail price of approximately $1,300. Despite the higher price, the A7II offers more advanced features than its predecessor.

Evaluation Of The Value Of Each Camera And Whether The Price Justifies It:

Sony A7:

  • The A7 has a high-resolution full-frame sensor and a compact, lightweight body, making it ideal for travel and outdoor photography.
  • Although it lacks the advanced features of the A7II, many photographers still prefer it for its affordable price and good image quality.
  • If you’re on a tight budget and don’t need the advanced autofocus system and image stabilization, the Sony A7 is an excellent choice.

Sony A7II:

  • The A7II has a more advanced autofocus system and five-axis image stabilization, making it a better option for shooting sports, action, and low-light photography.
  • It also has an improved grip and better battery life compared to the A7.
  • For photographers who require more advanced features and can justify the higher price, the Sony A7II offers better value for money than the A7.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between the Sony A7 vs A7II, it all comes down to your specific needs as a photographer and your budget. Both cameras are excellent options, but the A7II’s advanced features make it worth the extra investment for some photographers.


What Are The Differences Between Sony A7 And A7II?

The Sony A7II features a 5-axis stabilization system, better ergonomics, longer battery life, and improved autofocus performance. The A7, on the other hand, has a less advanced autofocus system, less durable build quality, and no in-body stabilization.

Is The A7II Worth The Extra Cost Over The A7?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a camera. The A7II is more expensive, but it offers improved image stabilization, autofocus, and ergonomics. If these features are important to you, then it’s worth the extra cost. If not, the A7 is still a great camera.

Which Camera Has Better Image Quality, The A7 Or A7II?

Both cameras have the same 24-megapixel sensor, so their image quality is essentially the same. However, the A7II has a better image stabilization system, which can be beneficial when shooting in low light or with slower shutter speeds.

Can The A7 And A7II Use The Same Lenses?

Yes, both cameras use the same e-mount lenses, so you can use any lens that’s compatible with the e-mount system with both cameras.

Which Camera Is Better For Video, The A7 Or A7II?

The A7II offers better video features than the A7. It has full HD at 60fps, and it can shoot in s-log2 gamma, which allows for greater dynamic range and color grading flexibility in post-production.

Which Camera Is More Durable, The A7 Or A7II?

The A7II has a more durable magnesium alloy body, compared to the A7’s composite material body. The A7II is also weather-sealed, which provides extra protection against dust and moisture.

Final Words

After a thorough analysis of the Sony A7 and A7II cameras, it is clear that both have their unique advantages and disadvantages. While the A7 has a slightly smaller price tag, the A7II offers superior features such as image stabilization and a faster autofocus system.

The A7 is a great option for those just starting in photography or those on a budget, while the A7II is more suited for professional photographers who require high-quality video and image stability. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preferences and needs when choosing between the Sony A7 and A7II.

If you prioritize video quality and fast autofocus, the A7II is the better choice. However, if budget is a concern and you don’t require the advanced features of the A7II, the A7 is a great alternative.

Regardless of your choice, both cameras are top performers and are sure to deliver outstanding results.

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