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Canon G7X Mark ii Vs Mark iii: Which is the Ultimate Upgrade?

Canon g7x mark iii is a better and upgraded version of mark ii. The new Mark iii offers 4k video and live-streaming capabilities.

The canon g7x series has gained immense popularity among vloggers and content creators for its portability and high-quality imaging. Both mark ii and mark iii are considered powerful point-and-shoot cameras that offer the perfect balance between features, performance, and affordability.

However, mark iii comes with some significant upgrades that make it a preferable choice over mark ii. We’re going to compare the two models – canon g7x mark ii vs. Mark iii – to help you decide which one meets your needs and budget.

Design And Build Quality

When it comes to comparing the Canon g7x Mark ii and Mark iii, there are several points to consider. One of the most crucial aspects is the design and build quality of both cameras. In this section, we’ll closely examine the physical differences between the two cameras, their material and construction quality, and their ergonomics and comfort.

Physical Differences Between The Canon G7X Mark ii And Mark iii

Both camera models have a similar design, with the mark iii version being slightly bigger and weighing more than the mark ii. However, there are several key differences to note:

  • The mark iii comes with a microphone input, something missing from the mark ii.
  • The mark ii has a simpler button layout compared to the mark iii’s more extensive options.
  • The mark iii has a bigger grip to make it more comfortable to hold.

Material And Construction Quality Comparison

Both cameras have a solid build quality, though the mark iii feels slightly more robust. The mark iii also has a dust and moisture-resistant body, making it more durable and suitable for outdoor shoots. However, the mark ii is still a well-crafted and solid camera in its own right.

Ergonomics And Comfort Comparison

Ergonomics and comfort are essential when choosing a camera, especially for extended shooting periods. Here are some key differences between the two models:

  • The mark iii has a bigger grip than the mark ii, making it more comfortable to hold for extended periods.
  • The mark iii’s buttons are more substantial than the mark ii’s, providing better feedback.
  • Both cameras’ tilting touchscreens make them easy to use from a variety of angles.

The canon g7x mark ii and mark iii are both well-designed and well-crafted cameras. However, the mark iii has a slight edge when it comes to durability, button layout, and comfort, while the mark ii is still an excellent option for those who don’t need a microphone input or dust and moisture resistance.

Features And Performance

Canon G7X Mark Ii Vs Mark Iii: Features And Performance

If you’re looking for a top-quality compact camera, then the canon g7x series is a great place to start. However, deciding between the g7x mark ii and the g7x mark iii can be challenging since both have been popular amongst photographers and videographers.

We will compare the two cameras based on their features and performance. Keep reading to find out which camera is worth your investment.

Sensor Comparison

The g7x mark ii features a 20. 1-megapixel 1. 0-inch cmos sensor, while the newer g7x mark iii has a similar 20. 2-megapixel 1. 0-inch cmos sensor.

However, the g7x mark iii has a newer digic 8 processor which makes it faster, although both have the same continuous shooting speed of 8fps. The newer model also has a better buffer depth when it comes to shooting in raw format.

Image And Video Quality Comparison

Both cameras deliver excellent image and video quality. The g7x mark iii can shoot 4k uhd video at 30 fps, while the older g7x mark ii can only shoot 1080p full hd video at 60 fps.

The g7x mark iii also has a microphone jack and the ability to live stream to youtube, but lacks the built-in nd filter that the g7x mark ii has.

Autofocus And Manual Focus System Comparison

The g7x mark iii has a more advanced autofocus system, featuring 31 autofocus points compared to the g7x mark ii’s 25.

However, the g7x mark ii has a better manual focusing system than its successor, which includes a focus ring around the lens. The g7x mark iii requires you to use the touch screen to adjust the focus point.

Iso Range And Low Light Performance Comparison

The g7x mark iii has a slightly broader iso range than the g7x mark ii, which is iso 125-12800, compared to iso 125-6400 on the g7x mark ii.

Both cameras have similar low light performance, with the g7x mark iii performing slightly better due to its newer processor. However, despite the better processor, the g7x mark iii has the same lens as the g7x mark ii, which can make it difficult in low light situations.

Both cameras have excellent features and performance, but the g7x mark iii is definitely an improvement over the g7x mark ii in several ways. However, if manual focusing and an nd filter are important to you, the g7x mark ii may be a better choice.

Choose the camera that suits your needs and style the best.

User Experience And Ease Of Use

Canon g7x mark ii vs. mark iii: user experience and ease of use

Photography enthusiasts are intrigued by the newly launched canon g7x mark iii, which comes with a promise of improved features compared to its predecessor mark ii. One of the significant deciding factors while purchasing a camera is user experience and ease of use.

So, let’s dive into the details and see how canon g7x mark iii fares against g7x mark ii in these aspects.

Menu System And Layout Comparison

A well-organized menu system is crucial in a camera for easy navigation and accessibility of various settings. Here’s how g7x mark ii vs. g7x mark iii compare in terms of menu layout:

  • Canon g7x mark iii offers a revamped menu with an entirely new layout that provides a more modernized and intuitive feel. It is easy to navigate, and the options are arranged with the user’s workflow in mind.
  • Canon g7x mark ii, in comparison, has an interface that is more straightforward and less cluttered. It may seem dated to some users, but it still functions well with quick access to different settings.

Button Placement And Customization Comparison

Every photographer has a unique style of shooting, so the option to customize button placement is highly desirable in a camera. Let’s see how g7x mark ii vs. g7x mark iii compare in this aspect:

  • Canon g7x mark iii has a slightly larger grip and rearranged button layout that provides a better grip and convenient access to various options. Along with customizing control rings and buttons, now, the touchscreen can also be customized for specific functions.
  • Canon g7x mark ii, on the other hand, has a minimalist design that may pose a challenge for users with larger hands. The controls are limited, but still fairly adequate considering its compact size.

Battery Life And Charging Time Comparison

Battery life is a crucial aspect as it determines how long one can shoot without having to worry about recharging. Let’s see how the two cameras compare in terms of battery life and charging time:

  • Canon g7x mark iii offers a cipa-rated battery life of up to 235 shots, which is not particularly impressive. However, it comes with usb charging, which is convenient.
  • Canon g7x mark ii fares better in this aspect with a cipa-rated battery life of up to 265 shots, which can go up to 345 shots with eco mode. It also comes with a dedicated battery charger but doesn’t have the option for usb charging.

Connectivity And Sharing Options Comparison

Easy file transfer and sharing are essential in today’s world, where time is of the essence. Let’s see how g7x mark ii vs. g7x mark iii compare in this aspect:

  • Canon g7x mark iii has built-in wi-fi and bluetooth, which makes transferring images and videos easy and convenient. Additionally, it also has the option for live streaming through youtube, which is a significant improvement.
  • Canon g7x mark ii has built-in wi-fi, but it lacks bluetooth connectivity. Also, it does not offer live-streaming options.

Canon g7x mark iii comes with newer and more improved features, making it an attractive option for photographers who like to shoot on the go. However, if you’re satisfied with g7x mark ii’s capabilities, it’s still a great camera for your photography needs.

Ultimately, your choice between the two should be based on the features that matter most to you.

Price Comparison And Conclusion

Canon g7x mark ii vs mark iii: price comparison and conclusion

Canon launched the third edition of its popular canon g7x mark series, canon g7x mark iii, in 2019. The successor definitely has some cool new features, but is it worth the extra cash? We dive into a comparison of the price and features of canon g7x mark ii vs mark iii.

Price Comparison Of The Canon G7X Mark Ii And Mark Iii

  • Canon g7x mark ii was launched in 2016 with a price tag of $699
  • Canon g7x mark iii was launched in 2019, priced at $749

The mark iii is $50 more expensive than the ii, but is it worth the extra investment?

Features Comparison Of The Canon G7X Mark Ii And Mark Iii

While the price tag varies, so do the features. Let’s take a look at what improvements the mark iii has over the mark ii.

Canon g7x mark ii:

  • 20.2-megapixel resolution
  • 1080p video recording
  • 4.2x optical zoom lens
  • Burst mode of 8fps

Canon g7x mark iii:

  • 20.2-megapixel resolution
  • 4k video recording
  • 4.2x optical zoom lens with an additional digital zoom of up to 7.2x
  • Burst mode of 30fps
  • Live streaming capability
  • Improved autofocus system
  • Time-lapse mode

Final Comparison And Recommendation

Both cameras have the same sensor and resolution, but the mark iii has significant updates in video recording features, autofocus, and burst mode. If you’re looking for a vlogging camera or want to level up your video content, the mark iii might be a worthwhile investment.

However, if you’re on a budget and don’t need the latest features, the mark ii offers a great package at a lower price point.

We recommend purchasing the canon g7x mark iii if you prioritize video recording features and have a larger budget for a camera. However, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option and don’t need the latest features, the canon g7x mark ii still provides excellent functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions On Canon G7X Mark ii Vs Mark iii

What Are The Main Differences Between Canon G7X Mark Ii And Mark Iii?

The canon g7x mark iii offers a slightly larger battery capacity allowing for more photos and videos. Mark iii also offers improved autofocus, a faster frame rate, and live streaming capability, all of which are not present in the mark ii.

Another distinction is mark iii’s “clean” hdmi out feature, useful for video recording purposes.

Which Camera Has Better Image Quality, Mark Ii Or Mark Iii?

Both the mark ii and mark iii have the same sensor and lens, consequently, the image quality is practically identical. However, mark iii’s sharper autofocus and enhanced image processing capabilities can produce slightly better results than the predecessor.

Are There Any Significant Design Differences Between The Two Models?

At first glance, the design of the two cameras is practically identical. The mark iii, on the other hand, has an added mic jack port, a faster frame rate, and a built-in live streaming capability. None of these characteristics are available on the mark ii.

Which Camera Is More Suitable For Vlogging Purposes?

The canon g7x mark iii was designed with content creators in mind. It is ideal for vlogging due to its enhanced autofocus system, improved image processing capabilities, faster frame rate, and live streaming functionality. Additionally, its compact size makes it an excellent option for filming while on-the-go.

What Is The Price Difference Between The Canon G7X Mark Ii And Mark Iii?

The mark iii is around $150 more expensive than than the mark ii. However, the added features on the mark iii, such as the faster frame rate, live streaming capability and the improved autofocus, may demonstrate adequate value to merit the extra cost for content creators.


After comparing the canon g7x mark ii and mark iii, it is clear that both cameras are excellent choices for photographers and vloggers. While the mark iii offers some impressive upgrades, such as better autofocus and faster burst shooting, the mark ii still holds its own with its excellent image quality and compact design.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on each individual’s specific needs and budget. If you are looking for the latest and greatest features and are willing to spend more money, the mark iii may be the better option.

However, if you want a more budget-friendly option and are willing to sacrifice some of the newer features, the mark ii is still a great option. Regardless of which camera you choose, both the mark ii and mark iii are sure to deliver high-quality and stunning images.


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